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Mandy Pravda of Mane Productions is incredibly honoured to be nominated for the YWCA Women of Distinction Award; Loretta's Award category!

"I am Honoured to announce I have been nominated by Saskatchewan Fashion Association Inc. Board of Directors, and peers, for the YWCA Saskatoon Women of Distinction Awards Loretta’s Award This award recognizes individuals who have faced incredible hardship and adversity, yet have overcome it to achieve amazing success. I am so appreciative and truly grateful to have my contribution and life achievements recognized. I am so thankful to receive the YWCA Women of Distinction nomination from my peers and community.

This is a significant milestone in my career to be nominated. It encourages me to continue to further break barriers and create opportunities for others to strive.

Becoming a mother and having my daughter at the age of 17 with no high school degree, many people told me I would not make something of myself, that I would struggle to support her, and I set us both up to fail. Having the drive to prove them wrong, not accept the barriers and create a beautiful life for my daughter, through programs and support of organizations such as the YWCA Saskatoon I was able to navigate and build the confidence I needed to receive education and build a sustainable career all while still being able to be the best hands on mom I could be. Thank you to all of you out there that each day show up for those in hardship and adversity and create opportunities to allow them to pursue a better future.

I strongly believe in supporting our community and celebrating the achievements of amazing women. I am so inspired by all the nominees of this year's YWCA Women's of Distinction Awards! The accomplshments and contributions are truly something to be acknowledged! WOW! Congrats to everyone nominated and all the award recipients!! What an amazing night of earthshaking, female empowerment and inspiration.

Congratulations to Michele Cameron @thelivefiercelycoach as the recipient of the Loretta’s Award, well deserved and can’t wait to see what is next for her! Special shout-out to the power house Celene Dupuis for her nomination for the Loretta’s Award as well, I have known Celene for over a decade and having witnessed her empowering and fearless demeanour that has impacted people in life changing ways!

Thank you for the support all of the nominees and contributions to the fundraising efforts to year round resources provided by the YWCA at the Graham’s Women of Distinction Awards TCU Place which took place May 25th!

Special shout-out to my daughter Zoe Pravda for making me a mama!

Having an incredible community dedicated to making Saskatchewan great, and to be listed as a finalist amongst two other wonderful power houses is truly an honour.

Thank you to all who support Mane Productions, through collaboration, and provide endless opportunities to create, build, and sprinkle passion for community building and marketing all over this gorgeous province. Cheers to many more projects and continuing to create memorable experiences.

Mandy was also recognized in Toronto’s National Meeting + Incentive Travel Magazine in The Hall of Fame issue as the 20 Something Entrepreneur of Canada in 2013 for her contribution and experience to her industry. In 2016 Mandy organized and broke The Guinness Book of World Records for the World’s Largest Snowball Fight; clocking in at 7,681 participants for Saskatchewan. In 2017 was nominated as a CBC Saskatchewan’s #IAmSask "Mighty Saskatchewanians of Today and Yesteryear" and also received a nomination in 2016, 2017 and 2018 for CBC Saskatchewan's Future 40. In 2020 Mandy was named Winner of the Saskatchewan Tourism 2019 Awards of Excellence; Fred Heal Tourism Ambassador Category. In 2023 she was nominated for the YWCA Women of Distinction Award; Loretta's Award.

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