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Building strategic portfolios, marketing content, websites, social media platforms, SEO, business listings, managing reviews, and promotional tools is more important than ever in this day in age, and it is never too late to start! In 2016 Mandy launched an Online Reputation Management, MANE, aspect to her company assisting entrepreneurs and businesses build, manage and promote their brands and further reach consumers worldwide.

Providing online reputation management, branding exploration and building, website development, SEO, marketing videos, photos, and content, and 15 years business and tourism destination marketing experience, along with extensive media contacts, over 30 clients under the Mane Productions see results every day including, Waskesiu Marina, Waskesiu Recreation Association, Hawood Inn, Lost Creek Resort, The Suites at Waskesiu, Waskesiu Lake Lodge, Waskesiu Resort, Waskesiu Heritage Museum, Kapasiwin Bungalows, Cozy Corner Suites, Skills Canada Saskatchewan, The Royal Hotel Group Best Westerns, Quality Inn & Suites and Royal Hotels (across Alberta and Saskatchewan), RE/MAX Saskatoon, Valerie Hertz Realtor, Ryan Gay Real Estate Agent, Pro Plus Productions, Groove Pusher Events, Son Of Han, Rumpus, The Gaff, BackwardsNess, Jim Pravda Saskatchewan Marriage Commissioner, Champetre County/Howling Coyote Saloon, Capitol Music Club, Saskatchewan Fashion Association Inc., CC Choreography Competition Alberta, 1JustCity Manitoba, Drake + Khan Design Studio Toronto, Underground Tuning British Columbia, Optimist Hill Saskatoon, Revamp Salon Company, Saskatoon Water Polo, The Power of Play, and more.

Highlights below!

Developing a strategic overhaul on branding and content building followed by implementing a 2 year international marketing plan for Tourism Waskesiu, now in year 5, Mane has been working to recreate and innovate the online presence of Waskesiu Community Council and Waskesiu Chamber of Commerce, amongst other organization and businesses including the Hawood Inn, Lost Creek Resort, Waskesiu Resort, Waskesiu Lake Lodge, The Suites at Waskesiu, Kapasiwin Bungalows, Waskesiu Marina, Waskesiu Recreation Association and Waskesiu Heritage Museum.

Build and designing, creating a modern style and user friendly website, Creating promotional videos, photos, written content across the web and through main stream media such as CTV, Global, Post Media, CKOM, and more. Managing Social Media platforms, Google Business and other online reputation platforms. MANE plans and executes yearly marketing strategies and content development through "AKA Tourism Waskesiu" to encourage business and leisure travel, with the encouragement to visit the resort town in all four season! Director and producer ALL VIDEOS including the Waskesiu Lake, Hawood Inn, Lost Creek Resort, Waskesiu Resort, Waskesiu Lake Lodge, The Suites at Waskesiu, Waskesiu Marina, Waskesiu Recreation Association and Waskesiu Heritage Museum along side GOLDEN MEDIA and Thoen Media.

Hawood Inn, Lost Creek Resort, Waskesiu Resort, Waskesiu Lake Lodge, The Suites at Waskesiu (as seen above) located in Waskesiu Lake, in partnership with, we developed and created modern style, user friendly, websites for the 5 hoteliers. As Marketing Director, developing promotional videos, photos, written content across the web on platforms such as Facebook, Trip Advisor, Instagram, and more. With ongoing managing of Social Media platforms, Google Business and other online reputation platforms.

Aiding in the development of Waskesiu Heritage Museum's "Moments" walking tour, MANE project manages and develops video & photo content to promote activities, brand, and tourism destination adventures.

MANE project manages and develops video & photo content to promote activities, brand, and tourism destination adventures. Developing the Waskesiu Marina website, social platforms and content, along with a 3 month marketing plan, showcases all there is to offer and the history of Western Canada's Largest Inland Marina.

MANE project managed a three page addition featuring the WRA on website, along with a video series, arial footage, and scenic photo features. Developing the WRA social platforms and content, along with a 3 month marketing plan, showcases all there is to offer and the history of the WRA and how they came to be, along with all the amazing unique activities they have to offer.

Producing the 2021 Virtual Skills Canada Saskatchewan Awards Ceremony, MANE also produced the Skills Expo Welcome video (seen here), 35 competition promo on-demand videos, and alumni video. Live award show productions comes as second nature to MANE. Want to broadcast it live? Let's do it!

Canada's first fashion association! A member based non profit organization representing fashion creatives. SFA is based in Saskatoon and serving all of Saskatchewan, committed to developing and promoting the Saskatchewan fashion sector regionally, nationally, and internationally through our website, Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, and cross marketing media. Mane is President of SFA, producing videos and graphics to promote SFA "Member Love" weekly, opportunities, business resources and provides showcase and funding opportunity in partnership with SREDA and Global Trade Commissioners.

THE POWER OF PLAY International

As a Board of Director and Marketing Director with a Digital Marketing team of 11 volunteers, committed to building awareness to support every child’s right to learn and develop through the power of play. TPOP builds innovative and interactive learning playgrounds worldwide while focusing on sustainability. Mane leads the team in content creation, scheduling, fundraising campaigns, and organizational internal process development. An honour to contribute in building a world where the sense of wonder and creativity is inspired in every child.

ROYAL HOTEL GROUP Across Alberta and Saskatchewan

Building your business pages can be tricky, especially when competition is high in your industry! Facebook is was built for people to share information, not businesses. So spreading the word organically can be difficult. The Royal Hotel Group Corporate Office consists of 11 hotels across Alberta and Saskatchewan and has been a client of Mane since 2016. Currently Mane manages Facebook and Linkedin profiles for The Royal Hotel Group, Best Western Plus East Side, Best Western Blairmore, Best Western Plus Lloydminster, Royal Hotel Lloydminster, and Quality Inn and Suites Saskatoon and has monitored their online web presence for consumer reviews and other call to attention items online. Hello and welcome to MANE, image management, propaganda firefighter and hype specialist!

Love is in the air! Creating a website, online platforms, and building your SEO ranking is how to spread the love online. Attract your target demographic and niche clientele through MANE and her flare for storytelling in the most magical ways!

Marketing all starts with a vision and a plan! Sound boarding and creating new innovative ways to market and network your brand in a unique way is more important than ever. MANE will lead you with inspiration in finding a creative way to keep you relevant, expand your network and online reach. Keep it fresh, innovative, and YOU!

Already have a great brand, but need help critiquing, modernizing, and creating a user friendly online presence that is easy to navigate for your users to see all your business has to offer? Have you investigated your SEO ranking on Google, Bing, and Yahoo? Do you have call to actions in place once you captivate your target market? MANE can help! Book a consultation today!

Ready to showcase online all that you have to offer? Website design, linking your social media web for easy navigation, highlighting your merchandise, and in the case of Gaff your produced tracks, gives fans and target consumers an easy way to find and experience your brand. MANE can help you start to finish get your presence online where it needs to be!

Branding your company and choosing the right name is the first step in starting your business. MANE is here to help guide through the process! Starting with your dream, we will create a vision board that will unfold the name, colours, mission statements, values, and all you need to start your wonderful journey in entrepreneurship and your company.

Rebranding the Champetre County website, social platforms and content, along with a 1 year marketing plan, showcases all there is to offer and the history of the French and western landscape of the wild wild West. Above, evaluating their current client offerings and creating new ways to experience this multi use homestead of heritage.

Tourism destination marketing is one of MANE's specialties. A website that is user friendly, easy to navigate, modern, and functional will ensure each visitor is able to see your product and easily make a decision to book, buy, or whatever the case may be! Creating experience packages to encourage bookings in the shoulder season and showcasing them on your website and booking platform an efficient way to encourage visitors to stay with you. Once MANE develop your new website, hire MANE to stay relevant and consistent on social media and online platforms to truly showcase the quant, unique experiences your guest will take in while enjoying a relaxing time spent with friends and family.

Building strategic portfolios, marketing content, website, social media platforms, SEO, business listings, and promotional tools are the key to ensuring your clients, guests, and visitors know the experience you have to offer.

Optimist Hill Campaign Marketing and Fundraising volunteer, Mane led an online voting contest which Kraft Heinz Canada hosted, catching national attention and a spot as 1 of 3 finalist across Canada. From 2014-2019, alongside Anthony Thoen, Nathan Thoen, Joe Van't Hof, and Rob Letts, advocated, fund-raised and built awareness to #buildthehill in Deifenbaker park each bringing their own skill to the group, Mane brought her media liaison and public relations to the table through various marketing and fundraising campaigns. Optimist Hill opening in winter of 2019, 40 feet higher with a beautiful chalet, groomed snowboard, tubing and ski lanes with conveyer belt lifts, Saskatoon is now home to a fully function snow park, with more to come!

Creating an online marketing campaign is more than just posting, it's storytelling! Creating ways that connect with your audience, and encourage them to take action, ahoy there! Paid marketing campaign are an effective and cost efficient way to reach new audiences right at their finger tips!

For clients that run an entertainment venue and have new information going out almost everyday, there is a lot going on within the business. MANE with high level publicist and social media marketer experience is a one stop shop when being able to provide all services when it comes to marketing, sponsor fulfillment, posting, media releases, daily food & drink specials, events, and more.

Behind the scenes is where the magic happens. It's important to have a dedicated social media manger, and promotion team, to ensure your clientele doesn't miss a beat!

Let's talk email marketing from over in Alberta, Canada! This is a valuable way to reach past clients and grow your direct contact list. Why continue to spend marketing dollars to reach the same clients again and again? Ya, that's what we are talking about. MANE can help you setup and start collecting in more ways than one!

Reaching the heart of Winnipeg, Canada, making a difference in day to day lives, connecting community and helping those in need is rewarding in many ways. Content creating for social media platforms can be challenging. Being noticed, understood, and creating impact can and does change lives. Giving back to community needs impacts everyone. You don't have to live there to make a difference, you just have to be the change you want to see in the world.

From the minute your customers walk through the door, especially in Whistler Canada where the Tourist are your main clients, think marketing! Collecting information and implementing the right online processing systems in place that stream line communication is vital to growing your business.

In a city such as Toronto you need to be as unique as they come to stand out. Not only that, give great service and have it show with one click of a button. Google reviews, SEO, current social media content, partnership and network marketing are an important part of your online reputation and connecting with MANE is the first step in a great direction.

Be in Touch!

MANE with her leadership, decisiveness, and razor-sharp instincts make her a valuable person on any team - making her one to watch in Canada’s diverse entreprenuer landscape. Mandy Pravda's public relations, promotions, growth marketing online, and business development. Whether it’s producing a gala or launching an international announcement of a new company, Mandy understands the multitude of minute details that go into any event and the importance of communicating the intent. From her background in events, festivals, and facility management she understands the multitude of minute details that go into any project whether it’s producing a multi-day festival or a multi-year expansion marketing plan. "I will solve problems you don't even know you have." ~ Mandy

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