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  • Mandy Pravda


Building RFP applications, designing, budget tracking and organizing the event, as well branding and marketing on an international level, Mane Productions has experience working with organizations and government to develop and execute international events.

Conway Consulting is an elite mentorship company, specializing in mindset, manifestation and sales. They serve entrepreneurs and salespeople through world-class programs, training and events that transform the quality of their thinking, and therefore, their life.

Live workshop retreats and meeting planning in various cities included Calgary, Canada; Las Vegas and Scottsdale, USA; Saskatoon, Canada.

• Producer/venue and meeting logistics

STEMfest Key Note Stage and Media Conference

The International Festival of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, STEMFest, celebrates the innovations of science, technology, engineering and math and the value of creativity in the innovation process. STEMFest is a collection of conferences and events exploring social, industry, and economic development through the world of STEM education and innovation.

STEMFest is a spotlight on the amazing STEM ventures, accomplishments and opportunities found in our own backyard. Working under On Purpose Events, Mane Productions produced and designed the Key Note stage.

• Media Liaison and organizer/Media Day Event and Release/Stage Producer/venue logistics/Marketing tool Development and Schedule/Special Guest invites including Government Dignitaries

Official Media Conference

World Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians Conference and was held in Saskatoon. Spread headed by the University of Saskatchewan and working under On Purpose Leadership, Mane Productions was Marketing Director of the Saskatoon conference on an international level.

• Project Manager and Marketing Director/Media Day Event and Release/Marketing tool Development and Schedule/Special Guest invites including Government Dignitaries

The conference features sessions on market outlook, research, and agronomy, along with sessions specific to each crop.

Saskatchewan Pulse Growers, SaskCanola, SaskOats, SaskFlax, Sask Wheat, and SaskBarley have partnered to offer Saskatchewan growers a first-class event that offers many benefits for attendees. Working under On Purpose Events as an event Committee Consultant for Marketing and Communications/Transportation.

• Event Committee Consultant for Marketing and Communications/Transportation

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