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The World’s Largest Snowball Fight -7,681 participants

Rick Mercer, Mayor of Saskatoon and Organizing Team.

Saskatoon showed up to Victoria Park in full force Sunday afternoon to make sure that the city became home to a Guinness World Record. Organizers estimated that more than 20,000 people came to claim the world's largest snowball fight title. This film showcases Saskatoon's attempt at this world record.

The largest snowball fight consisted of 7,681 participants and was achieved at an event organized by the Mane Productions, PotashCorp Wintershines Festival, City of Saskatoon, and Yukigassen Team Canada (all Canada), in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, on 31 January 2016.

Nathan Thoen, Lead Singer of Bombargo and Co Planning of the Snowball Fight

“I was humbled and in awe of how many people came down to participate in or witness the attempt for the world largest snowball fight,” said Mandy Pravda, marketing manager for the festival. “You could feel the community spirit and excitement in the air as people of all ages made snowballs.”

Image of Victoria Park and 20,000 people for GWR

Official Certificate held by Mandy Pravda

Just a gal with her Yukigassen Team Canada boys.

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