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Publicity and public relations (PR) are terms that are often interchanged. They might seem like the same thing, but they really aren't. Think of it this way: public relations is a mighty, towering oak tree with deeply embedded roots in the earth. Publicity is one of the biggest, strongest branches of that tree, and it's the publicist who tends to the tree and shepherds its health on a daily basis. Lucky, right?

What is public relations?

Public relations is the whole campaign. Your public relations campaign is your entire vision, and it includes:

  • your marketing

  • your good press

  • your bad press

  • your press kit

  • your reputation

  • your crises

  • your media releases

  • your charity efforts

  • your corporate efforts

  • your public image

  • the public's perception of you

It encompasses everything that ties into how you, as an artist, producer, DJ, band, etc. are presented to fans, the media, and the public. It's carefully planned and strategically executed. It's also long-term and overarching.

In short, PR is image management, oline reputation, life coach, stylist, therapist, propaganda firefighter and best of all hype specialist. MANE!

What is a publicist???

You're an artist and every chance you get to spin a story to build hype, take it. Some opportunities are right time, right place. Others may come on with hard work and banging on doors, or emails in our day in age. Let me show you what I am talking about.

Example: The Pistolwhips media campaign #pistolwhipsonfallon

My client Rylan Shultz from The Pistolwhips woke up one morning to friends messaging him that he was seen on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, a stock photo was used for its “Thank You Note” joke segment. While it had nothing to do with the Saskatoon band, the photo featured Pistolwhips’ frontman Rylan Schultz.

So what did we do? We created a video and media release, which was sent out through Mane nationally, with the support of dozens of local fans within hours notice, asking Jimmy Fallon to get them on the show and the community to help share to make it happen...and they did. All over the nation and more, we went viral for over a two weeks.

While in the boys didn't make it on The Tonight Show, we did stir International coverage and over 67,000 views on Facebook Video.

Not bad for a days work...and for free hey!

See full story here:

See international and network chatter here:

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